AP SSC 2024 Exam Registration Opens

AP SSC 2024 Exam Registration Opens: Calling All Regular and Private Students

Andhra Pradesh Directorate initiates 2024 SSC Class 10 exam registration, including regular, private, and vocational students. Significant pattern changes, no internal marks, six-paper format, 100 marks per exam, with specific subjects as separate papers. Regular students register through headmasters on bse.ap.gov.in; deadline for SSC fee: November 10.

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  • Andhra Pradesh Directorate begins 2024 SSC Class 10 exam online registration.
  • Students from diverse schools, government, municipal, residential, and private, can register for the exam. These students fall under the regular category.
  • Headmasters should pay the SSC exam fee by November 10, with a grace period extending to November 22.
  • The exam pattern now includes no internal marks, with each exam out of 100 marks, following a six-paper format. The subjects include 1st language, 2nd language, 3rd language, mathematics, general science, and social studies, each with one paper.
  • In the general science subject, examinations for physical science and biological science will be held on different days, each lasting two hours. The first language paper consists of two components: paper 1 for 70 marks and paper 2 for 30 marks.
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In 2024, Andhra Pradesh’s Directorate of Government Examinations begins SSC Class 10 registration for regular, private, and vocational students. The new exam pattern removes internal marks weightage, featuring a six-paper format, each paper valued at 100 marks. Headmasters guide students in the registration process, which occurs on bse.ap.gov.in, an easy-to-use website. The deadline for SSC exam fee payment is November 10, with a grace period until November 22 for added flexibility.

AP SSC 2024 Exam Registration Opens

The 2024 Andhra Pradesh SSC Class 10 examination has introduced a significant shift in its examination pattern. A prominent change is the complete removal of the system of assigning weightage to internal marks. In the past, internal marks held a certain value and contributed to a student’s final score. However, this practice has been entirely eliminated, marking a clear departure from previous evaluation methods. Now, each examination within the SSC Class 10 format is valued at 100 marks. This change in assessment aligns with the objective of creating a more standardized and impartial grading system.https://shikshasankranti.com/election-commission-and-education-ministry-join-forces-for-school-voter-awareness/

Moreover, the examination has adopted a fresh structure, featuring a six-paper format. These six papers encompass a range of subjects, including the 1st language, 2nd language, 3rd language, mathematics, general science, and social studies. In this new format, each subject is assessed separately, with each paper carrying a weight of 100 marks. This alteration aims to provide a more comprehensive evaluation of a student’s knowledge and performance across these critical subjects. It ensures that students are examined thoroughly in each area, with no subject given preferential treatment.

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