Are banking jobs stress-free in India?(8 Questions Answered!).

No, it depends on how you handle the situation at work, your nature i.e. Ask yourself if you can work under pressure? If yes, then this job is for you. Every person have some strength and weaknesses, if your strength is that you can work under pressure and control, then go for this post

Every position in govt.sector has some authority and responsibility,if you want authority,then there is some kind of responsibility also comes.So,also prepare yourself for responsibilities too.

Is SBI PO a high paying job?

Yes, it’s a high paying job,that’s why candidates are competing for this prestigious post having salary with four advance increments in the compensation size of 36000-1490/7-46430-1740/2-49910-1990/7-63840.

Does SBI PO get house?

No, SBI PO Gets allowances i.e, House Rent Allowance.Through which he can rent a house in any city.House Rent Allowance differs from city to city. One more facility provided by banks i.e, Leased accommodation facility is provided by the bank . In this facility you have to choose your flat as per your convineance and then bank will sign a lease agreement with your flat owner and directly send your entitled room rent in his bank account. In this facility you will not get any cash.

Does SBI PO gets car?

No, for this travel and fare allowances are provided to SBI PO. If they want, then they also gets loans at concessional rates from the State Bank of India for cars, homes, and other personal loans.

How many hours of work in SBI PO?

SBI PO works atleast 7 to 8 hours a day i.e, 10 AM to 5 PM. SBI PO are having a little bit of extension in working hour compared to the clerical cadre. The lunch time break varies from bank to bank. However, in case of a higher workload, then the working hours may get extended as per Bank’s guidelines.

Is bank job a government job?

No, Banks jobs can’t be considered as govt. jobs as only RBI is a central bank, PSU’s(public sector undertakings) comes under commercial banks and private banks are private.So,keep in mind before preparing for banking jobs that they are not govt jobs,many people don’t know this and think that after clearing the exam they have got govt job.

Is it easy to get a bank job?

No,it’s not that easy to get a banking job, after all lacs of candidates are competing for a single post.But with proper preparation and guidance it is not that difficult to crack banking jobs.There are various study materials and content you can follow to crack banking job.

Is SBI PO respected job?

YES, It’s a respected job,after clearing this exam all your relatives and neighbours started to call you manager sahab,you and your family feel very proud of this.

Is banking a good career in future?

We can say that it is a good career, after considering all its pros and cons then consider it as good or bad career. So, Let’s start to understand it’s pros and cons, lets begin:


There are various advantages of SBI PO to name a few i.e, higher salary, frequent promotions,foreign posting, Allwances,Easy availability of home and car loans and so on.


There are various disadvantages of SBI PO to name a few i.e, high work pressure , frequent transfers and so on.

So, now you can conclude that it’s a good career or not after considering it’s pros and cons.It depends on you how you sees this post and your situation handling capability, if you can handle pressure then this is good post for you ,if not, then this post is not suitable for you. That’s all .

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