High paying jobs in 2023

The top high paying jobs in 2023 scope are wide.You can earn a good amount of money in 2023 through different skills.First,you have to learn the skills ,then dream of high paying jobs. Here are lists of wide high paying jobs in 2023.They are as follows: Healthcare professionals By the word ,healthcare I refer to […]

Importance of Human Resource Management The importance of Human Resource Management are as follows: Importance for an enterprise Human Resource Management help an enterprise in acheiving its goals in an efficient manner in several ways: Social Importance Sound Human Resource Management has a great importance for society.It enhance the dignity of labour in following ways:

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Here we will discuss Meaning ,Nature of HRM ,etc Concept of HRM Human Resource Management is a management function that deals with recruiting,selecting,training and developing human resources in an organisation.It is concerned with people dimension in an organisation. According to Edwin B Flippo: “Human Resource Management is the planning ,organising , directing and controlling of

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Here we will discuss Meaning,Scope of management accounting etc Meaning of Management Accounting : Definitions of Management Accounting : The institute of Chartered Accountant of England and Wales has stated that,”any form of accounting which enables a business to be conducted more efficiently can be regarded as Management Accounting.” The term ” Management Accounting” is

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List of classified ads sites in 2023

In today’s digital age, the world of advertising and marketing has undergone a profound transformation. Traditional methods like print media and television advertising are no longer the sole avenues for promoting products, services, events, or even personal ventures. Enter the era of free ad posting sites—a dynamic and accessible way for individuals and businesses alike

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GA4 Dashboard

When you login to your GA4 account,By default you’ll see the Report snapshot.Here is an overview of Reports. In the left of analytics,there are 4 sections.i.e.Home,Reports,Explore,Advertising and configure. What are elements under report section In Reports,you’ll find Report snapshot,Real-time,Lifecycle, and user.These different elements provide some insightful data.It is most used element i.e.reports in GA4. We’ll

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Internal linking

Internal Links are hyperlinks, that point to pages on the same domain.These are different than external links which link out to pages on other domains. For example: a.com/a points to a.com/b. i.e. it points to the same domain or different page on same site.Whereas in external links , for example: a.com.a points to a different

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Google Analytics4

In 2005,Google acquired Urchin Analytics ,which is later, the classic version of Google Analytics. In 2013,it became Universal Analytics (UA).In 2020 Google added web plus app in UA. GA4 is a new and powerful tool.It is the future of analytics. What is the Difference between GA4 and UA? The major difference between GA4 and UA

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Lists of social bookmarking sites 2023

What is Social Bookmarking Sites? Social Bookmarking is creating a link of your website to social sites.Social bookmarking is an online practice that allows individuals to save, organize, categorize, and share web content such as websites, articles, images, videos, and other online resources through the use of bookmarks or tags. These bookmarks are typically stored

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Lists of Directory Submission Sites 2023

For businesses and website owners looking to bolster their online presence without breaking the bank, free directory submission sites offer a valuable solution. This comprehensive guide explores the world of directory submission, shedding light on its significance in the SEO realm, its benefits, and how to harness the power of free directory submission sites to

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