Education Ministry to Introduce Vedas and Indian Languages in School Curriculum

Education Ministry to Introduce Vedas and Indian Languages in School Curriculum

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan recently announced a significant development in education. Stating that students who successfully pass Class X (Veda Bhushan) examinations will now receive equivalence with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) qualification. This move particularly benefits students from Vedic boards. Additionally, the minister revealed the release of the Sanskrit translation of Laxmi Puran in the Central Sanskrit University. Expressing hope, Pradhan emphasized the university’s role in fostering connections with the younger generation and encouraging cultural and linguistic diversity.

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The Union Education Ministry has allocated a budget of Rs 100 crore. To introduce the study of Vedas and Indian languages in the school curriculum. This initiative aims to promote Indian culture and heritage among students.

Under this initiative, students who successfully complete Class X (Veda Bhushan) and Class XII (Veda Vibhushan) examinations. conducted by recognized Vedic boards. It will be eligible to pursue higher education in any field, including medicine and engineering. This decision comes after the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). A government-designated body, recently recognized Vedic education as equivalent to mainstream education.

The funding will be utilized for various projects, including:

  • The Ministry will collaborate with Vedic institutions and scholars to develop age-appropriate. And engaging curriculum materials for teaching Vedas in schools.
  • A comprehensive training program will be conducted to equip teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge to impart Vedic education effectively.
  • Vedic centers will be set up in schools to provide a dedicated space for Vedic learning and practice.
  • The Ministry will organize various events and activities to promote Vedic culture and heritage among students and the wider community.


This initiative has been welcomed by various sections of society, including Vedic scholars and educators. They believe that introducing Vedas in the school curriculum will foster a deeper understanding of Indian culture and values among the younger generation.

The Ministry’s decision to allocate a significant amount of funding for this initiative reflects the government’s commitment to promoting Indian culture and heritage in the education system.

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