GA4 Dashboard

How Google Analytics4 Dashboard looks? Overview of GA4 Dashboard

When you login to your GA4 account,By default you’ll see the Report snapshot.Here is an overview of Reports.

In the left of analytics,there are 4 sections.i.e.Home,Reports,Explore,Advertising and configure.

What are elements under report section

In Reports,you’ll find Report snapshot,Real-time,Lifecycle, and user.These different elements provide some insightful data.It is most used element i.e.reports in GA4.

We’ll discuss this in detail below:

Report Snapshot:

In reportsnapshot,you’ll find a snapshot of reports.In this section,there is overall overview of reports like a graph of new users,users,their average engagement,users in last 30 minutes and so on.


In Real-Time reports section,you’ll find reports like users in last 30 minutes,their location,their source,audience,and so on.

This feature is also available in Universal A nalytics.So,you’re familiar with this report.

Life Cycle

This section contains all overview of users lifecycle.i.e User interaction with our website.This report includes Acquisition,Engagement,Monetisation and Retention.We will discuss this one by one.


This report includes the source/medium through which users actually come accross our site.Like Direct,organic and so on.

It has three sections i.e.overview,user acquisition,traffic acquisition


This report contains all details like user behaviour with our website.Like What are the events users do?What are the coversions users make?and so on.


In this section , reports like any purchases make by users or conversion related reports


This reports include retention of users with time.New users and Returning users related reports,Retention rate of users overtime this all is covered under this section


In this section , you’ll find User oriented reports like Demographics,tech.Reports like users from which device,browsers etc are coming to your site.


In Explore section you’ll find various templates through which you can analyse data.Like Free form, Funnel Exploration,Path Exploration, and so on.


In this section adverstising related data are capture.Like Money spent on Google ADS,Facebook ADS etc.


This sections is configuration or setup section. You can make conversion setup, Event setup and so on.

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