what is digital marketing and it's scope in 2023


It seems you’re interesting in digital marketing,so you ‘re at this article,then okay,this article covers all your queries regarding WHAT IS DIGITAL MARKETING AND IT’S SCOPE IN 2023.


Digital Marketing is the promotion of products and services through internet or digital platform.It is combination of two words i.e.digital and marketing .Thus,it can be considered as online promotion of products and services.

There are also various definitions given by different authors,you can check on internet for more references

Through Digital Marketing , Companies are promoting their products and services in larger geographical area.You can sell your products and services from anywhere on earth.

As Technology is evolving, here comes a lot of opportunities likewise a new concept of advertising and promotion i.e Digital Marketing is here

Role of Digital Marketing in 2023

Digital Marketing serves as a tool for businesses , which can help in promoting their products and services .

The role of Digital Marketing in 2023 are as follows:

  • It is helpul when it comes to promoting your products in larger geographical area.
  • It reaches a wide range of audience in less time.
  • It is cost effective way , compared to other media like newspaper,Television etc
  • Here is various ways , you can target your audience like Social Media , Google Ads, facebookADS etc


The scope of digital marketing is very wide in nature.There are various opportunities in this field to boost your career. They are:


You can open your digital marketing agency and provide your services to others,in return , you’ll earn a good amount and establish your career in service industry .

Here you can provide your services , in return earn good amount of money

As businesses and startups are increasing, business owners needs Digital Marketing services, So there is also the need of Digital Marketers


You can establish your career as a digital marketer by providing your service in a agency or you can also work on freelancing basis and earn a good amount.

There are various websites on which you can register yourself and provide your services like:

  • Mayple
  • GrowTal
  • MarketerHire
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer.com
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Guru


You can also apply your skills in your own business and promote your products and services, in return , you can earn huge amount of profit.

Every business needs marketing to promote their products and services , if you acquire this skill you can apply it in future in your own business

If you have this skill you don’t need any Agency or Freelancer services , you can do it all by yourself


You can do blogging and earn money through various platforms like:you can earn through adsense,sponsored posts, affiliate links and also promote your products and services.

There are also other various opportunities in this field , I have mentioned some of them.If you are thinking to build your career in this field ,then first acquire the skill,then think about how to make money.


You can learn it by yourself by following youtube videos , take courses, and learn from any mentor.If you are willing to learn this skill ,then there is lot of content available on internet to learn the skill,free or paid both.Note: There are various fraud people who don’t have any practical knowledge about digital marketing are selling their courses,so be aware.

If you can’t afford a course then,it okay don’t worry there is lot free and genuine content on internet,only do the proper utilisation of resources.Note: Practically implement all the things , so you can learn the skill. I also forget to implement it ,so make sure to implement practically.


The average salary of a digital marketer in india ranges between Rs.3 lacs to 9 lacs anually.

There is no upper limit on how much you can earn through this skill.

The average salary for a Digital Marketing Manager is Rupees 8,09,777 in India.

Is DIGITAL MARKETING difficult to learn?

No,it’s not difficult.I also personally thought it is difficult to learn but it’s not.You can learn it by following a proper roadmap.

How much time it take to learn DIGITAL MARKETING?

It takes nearly 6 months to learn digital marketing with following proper roadmap.

Is digital marketing a hard job?

No,it’s not difficult,but I personally find it easy job,I think it’s a story that people tell that it’s a hard job.If you are serious about your career and willing to give it all your best,then this is right career for you.

What to learn first in digital marketing?

I think you should start SEO first to learn it.

How much a fresher earn in digital marketing ?

A fresher at starting level in india earns less than 2.5 lacs annually.

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