World Teachers' Day to celebrate the dedication and hard work of NSW

World Teachers’ Day Shines a Spotlight on NSW’s 170,000 Educators

The Minns Labor Government is taking the opportunity on World Teachers’ Day to celebrate the dedication and hard work of NSW’s 170,000 teachers. These educators play a vital role in shaping the lives of students and contributing to the local communities. The day is dedicated to expressing gratitude to teachers in Government, Catholic, and Independent schools.

Reflecting on Supporting Teachers

World Teachers’ Day is not only a day to express gratitude but also a chance to consider how to support teachers. Whether through involvement in the local school community or personally thanking a special teacher, it’s a day to recognize the extra effort educators put in for their students.

Prioritizing Education and Teacher Respect

The Minns Labor Government has been committed to restoring respect to the teaching profession. Efforts include eliminating unfair wage caps, providing significant pay increases to public school teachers, and fulfilling the promise to offer 10,000 temporary teachers permanent positions. This commitment to education comes after years of neglect by the previous government, which failed to address teacher shortages and adequately invest in children’s educational futures.

In conclusion, the Minns Labor Government’s efforts to restore respect to the teaching profession are commendable and far-reaching. The government’s commitment to eliminating wage caps, providing significant pay increases, and offering permanent positions to temporary teachers not only recognizes the dedication and importance of teachers but also takes practical steps to address long-standing challenges in the education system. This commitment comes after years of neglect by the previous government and sets a new standard for investing in the future of our children and the prosperity of our nation.

Teachers Day at NSW’s

  • World Teachers’ Day is celebrated in New South Wales (NSW) as a day to recognize and appreciate the contributions of the state’s educators.
  • NSW is home to over 170,000 primary, secondary, and early childhood educators.
  • A campaign was launched on October 27th, where students were encouraged to identify and appreciate a “gem” of a teacher.
  • By noon on the same day, the website received more than 7,400 messages of appreciation for teachers across NSW.
  • Recent teaching graduate Meg Southcombe from Muswellbrook sees World Teachers’ Day as an opportunity to celebrate the diversity in the education sector.
  • Meg completed her teaching degree at the University of Newcastle and plans to undertake an honours degree in Health and Physical Education by 2025.
  • She highlights the importance of real-world teaching experiences and expresses her passion for education and helping students learn and achieve.
  • Meg has been a guest speaker at educational events due to her unique “cluster-school” model of learning at St Joseph’s High School in Aberdeen.
  • She emphasizes the crucial role of all teachers, regardless of sector or employment type, in a child’s life and their role in inspiring the future.
  • Meg has observed a positive shift in teaching, with experienced teachers actively seeking out new ideas and emphasizing a holistic approach to student well-being.
  • World Teachers’ Day is typically celebrated on October 5th, but in NSW, it occurs on the last Friday of October due to school holidays.


World Teachers’ Day in NSW celebrates educators and students showing appreciation through #WTD2023, highlighting teacher impact. Teaching grad Meg embodies dedication. Teachers, regardless of sector, shape futures. Experienced educators embrace innovation.

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