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Are you planning to do CCC COURSE? Searching for its scope, fees, Elegibility and etc. Then you are in the right place. This article covers all your queries regarding CCC Course.

CCC Full Form

CCC refers to Computer Concepts Certificate.CCC typically refers to a computer literacy program offered by various institutions and organizations. One prominent example is the Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) provided by the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT) in India.

The Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) is designed to provide individuals with a basic understanding of computer fundamentals and operations. It covers topics such as computer hardware, software, operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, internet usage, and email. The CCC program aims to enhance digital literacy and computer proficiency among participants.

The CCC certificate is recognized by various government and private sector organizations in India and can be beneficial for employment opportunities that require basic computer knowledge.

Purpose of CCC Course

The primary objective of the CCC program is to provide students with basic knowledge and skills related to computers and information technology. It aims to enhance digital literacy among participants, enabling them to use computers effectively in various domains.


The CCC program is typically conducted over a duration of 80 hours, which may be spread across various sessions or modules.While several institution complete the course within a period of 3 months.


The CCC program is open to all students from various educational backgrounds.
There are no specific prerequisites or educational qualifications required to enroll in the course.
It is suitable for beginners who want to gain a basic understanding of computers and information technology.

Exam and Certification

To obtain the CCC certificate, participants need to appear for and pass the examination conducted by NIELIT. The examination usually consists of multiple-choice questions and practical exercises to test the understanding and application of computer concepts.

Syllabus of CCC Course

The syllabus consists of following topics.They are as follows:

Introduction to Computers– Overview of computers and their components
– Classification of computers
– Computer organization and architecture
– Input and output devices
Computer Hardware and Software– CPU, memory, and storage devices
– Computer ports and connectors
– Computer peripherals
– Introduction to software and types of software
– Operating systems and their functions
Operating Systems– Introduction to operating systems
– Basic features and functions of Windows OS
– Managing files and folders
– Customizing system settings
– Installing and uninstalling software
Word Processing– Introduction to word processing software
– Creating, saving, and formatting documents
– Editing and proofreading text
– Working with tables and graphics
– Printing and document sharing
Spreadsheet Usage– Introduction to spreadsheet software
– Creating and formatting spreadsheets
– Entering and manipulating data
– Basic formulas and functions
– Creating charts and graphs
Presentations– Introduction to presentation software
– Creating and formatting slides
– Adding text, images, and multimedia elements
– Slide transitions and animations
– Presenting and sharing presentations
Internet and Web Browsing– Introduction to the internet and its services
– Web browsing software and its features
– Searching and navigating the web
– Online communication (email, messaging, social media)
– Internet safety and responsible use
Email Communication– Introduction to email and its benefits
– Creating and managing email accounts
– Composing, sending, and receiving emails
– Managing email folders and contacts
– Email etiquette and best practices
Digital Financial Services– Introduction to digital financial services
– Online banking and e-commerce
– Digital payment systems (e.g., UPI, mobile wallets)
– Digital signatures and secure transactions
– Online financial security and precautions
Introduction to Cyber Safety– Basics of cybersecurity
– Types of threats and attacks
– Password security and data protection
– Safe browsing and online privacy
– Best practices for staying safe online
#Syllabus of CCC Course

Fee of CCC Course

The Fee Structure decided by the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT) for the Course are as follows:

CCC CourseFee (in INR)
CCC Examination and CertificateRs 500 + GST
Registration FeeRs 100 + GST
Examination FeeRs 450 + GST
CCC Late FeeRs 50
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CCC Salary

You can expect upto Rs 8,000 to 20,000 Monthly in India.This is just a basic course for basic understanding of computers and so on.It cannot give you a lucrative salary but it can provide you a base which is necessary for you to enter in the IT world.

CCC Scope

The various opportunities you have after CCC Course.They are:

Benefits of CCC CoursePotential Work Opportunities
Entry-level positions in government organizations, private companies, banks, etc.– Basic computer training
– Data entry
– Document preparation
– Digital marketing
– Website development
Increased confidence and independence in computer usage– Providing basic computer training to others
– Offering data entry services
– Digital marketing services
– Website development projects
Foundation for pursuing advanced IT certifications– Possibility to pursue certifications in networking, programming, cybersecurity, database management, etc.
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CCC Registration process 2023

The steps for CCC Registration in 2023 are as follows:

  • Go to the official NIELIT website at
  • Here,you will see 4 section i.e Main Common Website,Students,Facilitation/Accredited Centres,NIELIT Virtual Academy.You have to click on Students section.
  • Again you will see 4 options i.e.Online Registration/Exam Form,Download Practical Admit Card(O/A/B/C),Exam Result,NIELIT Courses.You have to click on ONLINE REGISTRATION/EXAM FORM
  • In the right hand side , just below the login on the option i.e Certification/Courses.Now a screen with all the courses like Short Term Courses,Information Technology,IT Literacy Programme,Multimedia and Animation Technology.
  • Here you have to select ,In IT Literacy Programme click on the link Course on Computer Concepts,now click on apply online in right hand side
  • Then you are guided to the page which provides you Step By Step Instructions For Filling CCC Examination Form,Read the steps carefully.
  • Tick the checkbox and click I Agree and Proceed.Then you are directed to the Examination Application Form: Course on Computer Concepts (CCC).
  • Now fill the form as per instructions. Fill the form very carefully as these provided information appears on your result. After Form fill up, payment click on Submit .

Frequently Asked Questions on CCC

1. What is CCC?

CCC is Course on Computer Concepts. It is a basic computer literacy program designed to impart fundamental knowledge.

2. Who is eligible for CCC?

CCC is open to individuals from various educational backgrounds. There are no specific prerequisites for enrolling in the course.

3. What topics does CCC cover?

CCC covers topics such as computer fundamentals, operating systems, word processing, spreadsheet usage, internet, and more.

4. Is CCC certification recognized?

Yes, CCC certification is recognized by the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT) in India.

5. What are the career benefits of CCC?

CCC can be beneficial for entry-level positions in various industries and serves as a foundation for pursuing advanced IT courses.

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