How to join Indian Army

How to join Indian Army

The Indian Army is the main land-based force of the Indian Armed Forces and is the largest among its components. It is a volunteer force with over 1.2 million active personnel and 960,000 reserve personnel, making it the world’s largest standing army. The President of India is the supreme commander of the Indian Army, and its professional head is the Chief of Army Staff (COAS).

The Indian Army was established on 1 April 1895, alongside the long-established presidency armies of the East India Company, which were absorbed into it in 1903. It has a long and distinguished history, having fought in numerous wars and conflicts, including the two World Wars, the Indo-Pakistani Wars, and the Kargil War.

How to join Indian Army in India ?

Joining the Indian Army offers two main routes: either by clearing entrance exams or through direct entry in recruitment rallies. Starting at the beginner level as a Lieutenant, you can climb the ranks to reach the highest position of General.

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility CriteriaRequirements
Age17.5 to 21 years (for NDA), 19 to 24 years (for TES), varies for other entries
Educational Qualifications10+2 for NDA, Graduation for CDS, TES, and other entries as specified
Marital StatusUnmarried
Physical FitnessHeight, Weight, and Eyesight standards as per guidelines
Medical StandardsMeeting specified health criteria
#Eligibility Criteria to join indian army

Indian Army Selection Process:

ApplicationSubmit online or through specified channels based on chosen entry scheme.
Written ExamTake objective tests relevant to chosen scheme and role.
Physical TestsParticipate in fitness tests like running, jumping, obstacle course. Standards vary.
Preliminary Interview (Officers only)Brief interview for personality and communication assessment.
SSB Interview5-day assessment with group tasks, personal interview, leadership exercises. Crucial for all ranks.
Medical ExaminationThorough medical checkup to ensure fitness for military service.
Final Merit List & RecommendationCombined performance determines merit list and training academy recommendations.
TrainingRigorous training at dedicated academies based on chosen branch and role.
Commissioning/InductionGraduate to become commissioned officers, JCOs, or ORs in the Indian Army.
#Indian Army Selection Process

Types of Entries into the Indian Army

Serial No.Entry SchemeCategoryEducation QualificationTarget Academy/Role
1National Defence Academy (NDA)Officers10+2 School PassIndian Military Academy (IMA), Indian Naval Academy (INA), Indian Air Force Academy (AFA), Officers Training Academy (OTA)
2Combined Defence Services (CDS)OfficersGraduationIMA, INA, AFA, OTA
3Technical Entry Scheme (TES)Officers10+2 Science SubjectsArmy, Navy, Air Force
4Technical Graduate Course (TGC)OfficersEngineering DegreeArmy (Commissioned Officers)
5Army Cadet College (ACC)OfficersNCC Cadets with Specific QualificationsArmy (Commissioned Officers)
6Judge Advocate General (JAG)OfficersLaw GraduationJAG Department of the Army
7Short Service Commission (SSC)OfficersGraduation/Post-graduationArmy (Limited Term Service)
8Meritorious Commission Entry Scheme (MCES)JCOsOutstanding SoldiersJCOs in the Army
9Special Commissioned Officers (SCOs)JCOsTechnical Specialists/GraduatesJCOs in the Army
10Rally RecruitmentOther Ranks (ORs)10th PassArmy through Regional Tests
11Regular RecruitmentOther Ranks (ORs)10th/12th PassArmy through National Level Exams
12Technical EntriesOther Ranks (ORs)Specific Technical SkillsArmy based on Qualifications and Tests
#Types of Entries into the Indian Army

Application Process:

  1. Online Application: Register and submit applications through the official website:
  2. Written Exam: Take objective tests based on chosen scheme (NDA/CDS/TES/TGC) covering General Ability, Mathematics, English, etc.
  3. Physical Tests: Participate in fitness tests like running, jumping, obstacle course, etc., with standards varying based on scheme and gender.
  4. Preliminary Interview (Officers only): Attend a short interview for personality and communication assessment (not applicable for JCOs or ORs).
  5. SSB Interview: Undergo a 5-day Service Selection Board (SSB) assessment involving group discussions, personal interview, leadership exercises, and more.
  6. Medical Examination: Complete a thorough medical checkup to ensure fitness for military service.
  7. Final Merit List & Recommendation: Combined performance in all stages determines merit list and training academy recommendations.
  8. Training: Undergo rigorous training at dedicated academies based on chosen branch and role (duration and focus vary).
  9. Commissioning: Graduate to become commissioned officers in the Indian Army.

Career Opportunities in the Indian Army

Combat ArmsInfantryFrontline soldiers responsible for close-quarters combat, operations, and defense.
Armoured CorpsOperate tanks, armored vehicles, and mechanized equipment in combat and strategic maneuvers.
ArtilleryProvide fire support to infantry and armored units with various artillery systems.
Technical ArmsEngineersDesign, construct, and maintain military infrastructure, bridges, fortifications, and explosives disposal.
SignalsOperate and maintain communication systems, secure networks, and provide intelligence gathering.
Electrical and Mechanical EngineersMaintain and repair military vehicles, weapons, and technical equipment.
Support ArmsMedical CorpsProvide medical care to soldiers in field hospitals, medical units, and during operations.
Dental CorpsOffer dental care and treatment to soldiers and families within the Army medical system.
Army Ordnance CorpsManage and distribute weapons, ammunition, equipment, and supplies to various units.
Army Service CorpsProvide logistical support, catering services, transportation, and supply chain management.
Specialized ServicesJudge Advocate General’s (JAG) BranchLegal officers providing legal advice, representing the Army in courts, and managing military justice.
Army Aviation CorpsOperate helicopters, drones, and other aircraft for reconnaissance, transportation, and combat support.
Education CorpsTeach academic subjects, technical skills, and life skills to soldiers and their families.
Intelligence CorpsGather and analyze intelligence, conduct covert operations, and provide information for strategic decision-making.
#Career Opportunities in the Indian Army

How to join indian army after 10th

There are several ways to join the Indian Army after 10th class, depending on your desired role and qualifications. Here are the main options:

Entry SchemeEligibility (Qualification & Gender)Selection ProcessRole/Branch
Soldier (General Duty)10th pass (45% agg., 33% each subject), Men & WomenRally Recruitment: Physical tests, Written test, Medical examInfantry, Artillery, Signals, etc.
Soldier (Tradesman)10th pass (35% agg., 33% each subject), Men & WomenRegular Recruitment: Written test, Physical tests, Medical exam, Trade testTailor, Cook, Barber, etc. (Technical roles)
Technical Entry Scheme (TES)10+2 Science (PCM) with 60% agg., MenNDA entrance exam, SSB interview, Medical examArmy/Navy/Air Force Officers (Technical)
Army Cadet College (ACC)NCC cadets with specific qualifications, MenSSB interview, Medical examArmy Officer (Direct entry to IMA)
#How to join indian army after 10th

Additional Notes:

  • Age limits vary based on chosen scheme.
  • Physical fitness standards apply to all schemes.
  • Refer to the official website for detailed information and application procedures:
  • Choose a scheme based on your interests, skills, and qualifications.

How to join army after 12th

There are several ways to join the Indian Army after 12th class, catering to different educational backgrounds and career aspirations. Here are some options:

PositionEntry SchemeOpen toSelection Process
OfficerNDAMen & Women (60% agg.)NDA Exam, SSB, Medical
CDSGraduatesCDS Exam, SSB, Medical
TESMen (Science, 70% agg., JEE Main)JEE Main, NDA Exam, SSB, Medical
TGCEngineering GraduatesUPSC Exam, SSB, Medical
ACCNCC Cadets (Qualified)SSB, Medical
JCOMCESOutstanding SoldiersInternal Assessments, Training
SCOsTechnical Specialists/GraduatesWritten Exams, Physical Tests, Interviews, Medical
Other RanksRally RecruitmentMen & Women (10th/12th)Physical Tests, Written Tests, Medical
Regular RecruitmentMen & Women (10th/12th)National Level Exams, Physical Tests, Medical
Technical EntriesIndividuals with Specific SkillsSkills Tests, Qualifications, Medical
#How to join army after 12th

Indian Army Training Academies in India

Serial No.Academy NameLocationPurposeEntry Scheme(s)
1Indian Military Academy (IMA)Dehradun, UttarakhandTrain Army officers for combat rolesNDA, CDS, TGC, ACC
2Officers Training Academy (OTA)Chennai, Tamil NaduTrain officers for non-combat roles (admin, logistics)CDS, OTA (specific schemes)
3National Defence Academy (NDA)Khadakwasla, PuneTrain cadets for entry into IMA, INA, AFANDA
4Indian Naval Academy (INA)Ezhimala, KeralaTrain cadets for entry into Indian NavyNDA
5Indian Air Force Academy (AFA)Dundigal, TelanganaTrain cadets for entry into Indian Air ForceNDA
6Army War CollegeMhow, Madhya PradeshTrain senior officers for leadership and strategic rolesPromotion & selection process
7College of Defence ManagementSecunderabad, TelanganaTrain officers for managerial roles in the ArmyPromotion & selection process
8College of CombatMhow, Madhya PradeshTrain officers for advanced combat tactics and operationsPromotion & selection process
9Army School of Physical Training (ASPT)Pune, MaharashtraTrain personnel in physical fitness and combat sportsInternal selection procedures
10Army Air Defence College (AADC)Gopalpur, OdishaTrain officers and personnel in air defence systemsPromotion & selection process
#Indian Army Training Academies in India


In conclusion, embarking on a journey to join the Indian Army is a noble pursuit that demands dedication, discipline, and a commitment to serving the nation. The various entry options, ranging from direct recruitment rallies to prestigious examinations like the NDA and CDS, provide opportunities for individuals at different stages of their education.

Aspirants must meticulously adhere to the eligibility criteria, prepare diligently for the rigorous selection process, and exhibit not only physical fitness but also leadership qualities during interviews and assessments. The Indian Army not only offers a diverse array of career paths, including specialized branches and leadership roles but also instills a sense of duty, camaraderie, and national pride.

Frequently Asked Questions on how to join Indian Army

1. How can I join the Indian Army?

There are various ways to join the Indian Army, depending on your qualifications and desired role. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Officers: Entry paths like NDA, CDS, TGC, ACC offer training and commission as officers.
  • Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs): MCES and SCO schemes promote outstanding soldiers or recruit technical specialists.
  • Other Ranks (ORs): Rally Recruitment and Regular Recruitment for various roles are open to both men and women after 10th or 12th.

2. How can I join the Indian Army after 12th for female?

Several entry schemes welcome female candidates after 12th, including:

  • NDA: Open to qualified women with 10+2 pass (60% aggregate).
  • CDS: Graduates in any discipline can apply.
  • OTA: Specific schemes within CDS cater to women for non-combat roles.
  • Technical Entry Scheme (TES): Open to women with 10+2 Science stream (70% aggregate) and JEE Main qualifying score.
  • Regular Recruitment: Various roles for ORs are open to women after 12th pass.

3. How can I join the Army after 12th without NDA?

NDA isn’t the only option! You can explore these alternatives:

  • CDS: Open to all graduates for officer roles.
  • Technical Entry Scheme (TES): Offers direct entry into technical officer roles based on Science background and JEE Main score.
  • OTA: Specific schemes within CDS are for non-combat officer roles without NDA.
  • Regular Recruitment: Join as Other Ranks through national level written exams and physical tests after 12th.

4. How can I join the Army through NDA?

NDA is a prestigious entry route for aspiring officers. Here’s how:

  • Meet eligibility criteria (10+2 with specific subject requirements and age limits).
  • Crack the NDA entrance exam covering Mathematics, General Ability, English, etc.
  • Clear the Service Selection Board (SSB) interview assessing personality and leadership.
  • Undergo rigorous training at the Indian Military Academy (IMA) or other academies.

5. How can I join the Gorkha Regiment?

The Gorkha Rifles welcome Gorkha men through specific recruitment drives conducted in designated areas like Darjeeling, Sikkim, and Nepal. Check the Indian Army website and local Gorkha community authorities for updates on recruitment drives.

6. How can I join the Indian Army after 10th?

Several options exist for joining after 10th:

  • Soldier (General Duty): Open to both men and women with 10th pass (45% aggregate and 33% in each subject). Selection through Rally Recruitment involving physical tests, written test, and medical examination.
  • Soldier (Tradesman): Open to men and women with 10th pass (35% aggregate and 33% in each subject). Specific subject requirements depend on chosen trade (like tailoring, cooking). Selection through Regular Recruitment with written test, physical tests, medical exam, and trade test.

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