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What is Fees of Tally in 2023(11 Questions Answered!)

The fee of tally in 2023 ranges between Rs 3,000 to 10,000.It also depends upon the type of institute that offers the course.

If this course is offered by highly reputed institute then fees are high.

What is Tally

Tally is one of the Accounting software.It is used for doing accounting in a systematic manner.

Where tally is used

Tally is used by small and medium businesses to do accounting.

What is the duration of Tally?

It is course with duration of 1-3 months.In some cases,it is of 6 months.

What is Eligibility for Tally ?

Anyone can do tally course .Most of the time it is more prefered by commerce students.The eligibility crieteria is just 10+2.

What is syllabus of Tally?

Tally includes Accounting Fundamentals,Goods and Services Tax (GST), Ledgers,Principles of Taxation, TDS , Cost Categories and Centers, Sales and Purchase order processing ,Journal and Vouchers etc.

What is Salary after Tally Course

The Salary of a fresher ranges between 2-3 lacs annually.But a experienced candidate can expect salary upto 4-5 lacs annually.

What is Scope of Tally in 2023

You have opportunities after Tally like:

  • You can be an Accountant in a company.
  • You can be an admin of a organisation
  • You can be a audit executive
  • You can be a Financial Analyst and so on

Is Tally a demanding skill in 2023

Tally is a demanding skill but there is a lot of development in technology.So there demand also decreases with time.Software and bots are developed ,they can replace humans in near future

Is Tally better than Excel

Tally is better than Excel.It can handle a lot of data compared to excel.It also helps to prevent errors and saves a lot of time by reducing repetative tasks.

Is Tally difficult to learn

Tally is not difficult to learn.With time and practice,you will be able to learn it.

Can I learn Tally for free

You can learn Tally for free.To learn Tally visit the site,TallySchool.Here you can learn Tally for free.

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