what is o'level and its scope 2023

What is O’level and it’s career opportunities in 2023

Are you interesting in O’level ? Are you planning to do this course.This article is for you then.It covers all your queries like what is O’level and its scope in 2023,Syllabus etc.

What is O’level?

O’ level is a foundation course in computer application.It’s exam is conducted by NIELIT.

It’s modules are comprised of four papers.The course is of 1 year .The course is divided half yearly i.e 2 papers in 6 months and 1 practical.Lets discuss one by one O’Level and its scope in 2023

The O Level certification program is designed to provide individuals with a fundamental understanding of computer concepts, programming languages, database management, networking, and office automation.


The syllabus consists of M1-R5 (MODULE 1) Information Technology Tools and Network Basics , M2-R5 (MODULE 2) Web Design and Publishing , M3-R5 (MODULE 3) Programming and Problem solving through Python, M4-R5(MODULE 4) Internet of Things and it’s Applications and a practical based on the theory papers of the syllabus.

Module 1: IT Tools and Business Systems

  • Computer fundamentals
  • Operating systems
  • Libreoffice Word processing
  • Libreoffice Impress
  • Presentation software
  • Internet and email
  • Database management system (DBMS)

Module 2: Web Design and publishing

  • HTML and web page design
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Internet and web technologies
  • Web development tools

Programming and Problem solving through Python

This is consists of python programming,Algorithms,Data types,Arrays and so on

Internet of Things and it’s Applications

It is consists of What is IOT,sensors,iot devices and so on.

Scope Of O’level in 2023

This course enables students equip with neccessary skills as per following job roles.They are:

  • User Interface Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Web Publication Assistant
  • Office Automation Assistant
  • IoT Application Integrator and so on.
  • IT Industry: O Level graduates can work in various roles in the IT industry, including software development, web development, database administration, network administration, and system administration.
  • E-commerce Industry: With the increasing popularity of e-commerce, O Level graduates can work in various e-commerce companies in roles such as website development, digital marketing, and e-commerce management.
  • Government Sector: Many government departments and agencies require computer professionals for their operations, and O Level graduates can find job opportunities in various government offices, such as public sector banks, state electricity boards, and other government-run organizations.
  • Education Sector: O Level graduates can work as computer instructors in schools, colleges, and coaching centers, teaching computer applications to students.
  • Freelancing: O Level graduates can work as freelancers in various fields of computer applications, such as web development, software development, graphic designing, and digital marketing.
  • Entrepreneurship: O Level graduates can start their own businesses in fields such as web development, software development, digital marketing, and e-commerce.


The eligibility criteria for O’level is 10+2/ITI Certificate after 10/2nd year of a Government recognised polytechnic engineering diploma after 10.


The fee vary if you take this course from a institution .The average fee for O’level is around Rs.10,000.If you don’t take course, do self study,then you have to only pay examination fee which is 600-800 per paper.

Payment Methods

You can pay either through Demand Draft or Online Methods.You can use Paytm ,RTGS and so on.

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