Career after 12th arts

Career after 12th Arts in 2023

There is number of opportunities in Arts. Are you wondering what career after 12th Arts to follow.Some people say arts students have no scope , but in this article I’ll tell you various career options and it will be helpful to you in taking the right decision.

Are you confused about your career after taking arts?Don’t worry this article will cover your all questions.Let’s startThis article covers options available ,career after 12th Arts .They are as follows:

1. Fashion Designer

This is one of the most demanding skill as fashion trends change regularly.Have you listen about bollywood famous fashion designer.Yaah! Manish Malhotra you ‘re right.Could you think about his income.I guess he earns in crores.

You can also earn in crores too.You can acquire this skill by taking short courses as per your budget.

If you ‘re creative enough ,this field is right for you.Go and explore it.

2. Interior Designer

Interior Designers are the experts who designs your home from sofa to bedroom.

This is one of the demanding skill and profession in foreign countries.And salary also differ from country to country.

There are various professional who sell their professional Interior designing courses online.You can take this courses and make your career.

Hotel Management

You can be a Hotel Manager.Hotel Managers are the professional who manages everything from staff to customer service .They coordinate and delegate work between different departments,from cooking to cleaning and so on.

There are various universities who provide Hotel Management courses ,both online and offline.You can do that courses and uplift your career.

Graphic Designer

You can also build your career in graphic designing.This is one of the demanding and creative skill.

You can learn this skill free of cost or paid which is provided by professionals.The salary package of graphics designer is also good .It differ between countries.


Animators are the creators who create an illusion of motion with the help of static pictures.Do your remember cartoons,previously they all were static,With the advancement in technology that static character gets motion.

You can also be a animator by following various short courses on animation and earn money.

Air Hostess

An Air Hostess or flight attendant or cabin crew is typically a member of an aircrew employed by airlines to make sure the passengers are comfortable and secure while flying.

You can also be an air hostess if you’re a girl.Here you need to require that you’re a female candidate.There are various Air Hostess training institutes and courses, fees, salary, requirements, qualifications to become an Air Hostess, and more.You can check about this .


If you love cooking and trying new recipes?Then this is right career for you.You can also open an hotel.Have you heard about celebrity famous chef ,vikas khanna .He is a chef as well as a owner of a hotel

Bachelor of Computer Application

This is a professional degree in the field of computers.After doing BCA, there is number of career opportunities,you’ve like System Analyst,Software developer,web developer and so on.

Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Legislative Law (BA-LLB)

This is also a law degree where you have opportnuties that you can be appointed as legal advisor in any company,Private Attorney,Legal Officer and so on.


A Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication can provide you a number of opportunties in media industry.A Graduate in field can obtain jobs in various fields like public relations and advertising etc.

Graphics Designing

A Graphic Designer is a professional who combines graphics ,images, typography or motion graphics to create a piece of design.This is also a artistic field and also here you enjoy a good salary package and other benefits.


You can make your career after 12th commerce,by starting your own business.There are number of businessmen who started their career after 12th.Some of them you know.Like the story of founder of physics wallah i.e,Alakh Pandey.

This is a good option for you,it can provide you freedom and you can make enough money.And there is no compulsion for a formal degree or you should be business graduate.

There is number of resources available on internet or youtube which can help you to start your business.


You can also make your career in Marketing.After all marketing is one of the Popular field of this era.I am also a Commerce graduate who is making my career in Marketing.

You can pursue MBA in marketing or now-a-days digital marketing is much popular in this digital era.You can learn this skill on youtube for free or following some of blogs on internet.

This is a good option for all of you if you’ve just passed class 12th.You can master the skill in just 6-12 months.

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